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The meeting place
in the Limmat Valley

The Limmat (Swiss German Limet [lɪmət], older Limig [lɪmɪg], in the lower reaches of Aargau still today Limmig [lɪmːɪg]) is a river in Switzerland. It forms the 36 km long lower river section of the approximately 140 km long Linth-Limmat river system, which begins near Zurich and flows into the Aare. It is thus its second largest tributary. Recently, Limmig has also become a place where well-being, enjoyment and entertainment play an important role at the Hilton Garden Inn Zürich Limmattal hotel as a restaurant, bar and cigar lounge. Limmig stands for regionality in the Limmattal, for natural products and innovative Swiss cuisine with international elements. Get to know us better. We are looking forward to meeting you!