Node js Architecture and Best Practices for Node.js Application Development

It’s basically a collection of classes, each with its methods, that will be implementing our app’s core logic. The only part you should ignore in this layer is the one that accesses the database; that should be managed by the data access layer. This architecture can be applied no matter what language you code in. Incoming and outgoing requests fall under two categories.

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Running ’npm install‘ automatically installs packages in the package.json not yet available in the file and also tries to update available files if needed. Pending callbacks – These are callbacks that are left pending to be resumed at a later time. Express.js, a Node.js framework, helps you implement this tactic quickly. In addition, every Experss.js documentation has an advisory to use Gzip compression.

Use a config folder to organize configuration files

Let’s understand more about Node JS. Before we proceed, we must know the definition and basics of Node JS. Apache web server is one of the most commonly used web servers. DigitalOcean makes it simple to launch in the cloud and scale up as you grow – whether you’re node.js web application architecture running one virtual machine or ten thousand. This my first time in Node JS and read many articles on the architecture, but your article made the concept so clear. As I’m a Java Developer, I will try to explain “How Event Loop works” in Java terminology.

node.js web application architecture

Why not use one of the fantastic Javascript style guides provided by Google or Airbnb? Reading code will become much easier, and you won’t get frustrated trying to figure out how to position that curly brace correctly. The topics covered in these style guides range from naming conventions to formatting to file system encodings. Furthermore, using style guides will assist you in adhering to the standards used by some of the world’s top developers. Explains the main principle of this web application development type.

Application Layer: Application Programming Interface (API)

A Content Delivery Network is a server network that is installed in various geolocations to deliver content faster and better to users. Instead of contacting the central server, the users’ request is routed to a CDN server that stores a cached version of the content. As such, site speed and performance is increased and packet loss is decreased. It also enables segmentation of the audience and advanced web security. Redis and Memcached are the two most popular caching systems with similar features. However, Redis offers a rich set of tools making it applicable for performing a variety of tasks.

node.js web application architecture

Everything boils down to dig into the roots of the situation. To handle more than one concurrent client, Node.js makes use of the “Single Threaded Event Loop” architecture. Is used for deploying web apps where additional security is required. Makes 6.3% share of the U.S. market) stopped supporting PWA”, which proves that this web architecture type is still unstable. For an end-user, a progressive web app physically means a pop-up offering to add the app on the launch screen (not a browser, but your operating system’s screen), when they visit a website.

Speed and performance

Acting as a reverse proxy, an API Gateway receives various API calls, performs service aggregation to fulfill those calls and delivers the result. API Gateways help you to protect your APIs, run analytics tools on APIs, connect a billing service or manage older and deleted APIs etc. In a serverless environment, resources are provisioned based on the API calls. API gateway helps you to deploy and manage serverless functions. Since it’s loosely coupled, microservice architecture provides the flexibility to update/modify and scale independent services.

One could argue that this is what Prisma does as a service. Clean Architecture is an architectural style created by Robert C. Martin. Rohan Vaidya carries matchless technical expertise in application development.

Expensive I/O Operations

For people starting out in software development, it is quite common to overlook the importance of writing test cases for your code. Testing allows all of this and more, in a conveniently automated fashion. In the previous section, we looked at how we can logically modularize our project into three separate layers. This abstract architecture can be realized through a proper folder structure that separates different modules into different folders. This three-layer setup serves as a reliable scaffolding for most Node.js applications, making your applications easier to code, maintain, debug and test. Now let’s look at how we can actually implement these layers in our project.

node.js web application architecture

The broad NPM library with modules for every use case is currently accessible with an enterprise version for tending to the protection and security issues for big projects. This enterprise prepared NPM version can be controlled by the developers and designers under the scanner of the security firewall. Sometimes, Client’s Request should wait for available threads to process their requests.

Event-Driven Architecture

It operates on an event-driven model wherein thousands of requests are processed within a single thread, delivering more with minimal resources. It uses PHP to serve static resources and serves static content 2.5 times faster than Apache. When it comes to interpreting requests, Apache passes the file system location while NGINX passes the URI. This feature extends the NGINX capability as a load balancer, HTTP Cache and a proxy server. Following the aforementioned stages, each complex request is given a single thread from the thread pool. This thread is in charge of assigning external resources, such as databases, file systems, etc., to fulfill certain blocking requests.

  • Progressive web apps, users can access content offline, receive notifications, and more.
  • This will become extremely useful for your fellow developers and to your future self, all of whom will be wondering why exactly you did something six months after you first wrote it.
  • Its very helpful not only for fresher but also for experienced developers…
  • Lastly, always make it a habit to drive the deployment process with a properly configured Continuous Integration.
  • PHP Laravel is a PHP framework that helps developers to build custom web apps with ease.

Every application also needs to be able to allow outside interaction with itself. In the context of a node.js web application, outside interaction usually means exposing an HTTP API that clients make requests to. Applying these rules enables super-simple auditing of every service-requiring method in your application. This helps testing (what do I need to setup and tear down to test this?) and gives you an instant grasp of the type of side-effects that calling a particular method might have. Some might opt to create a dedicated class/manager for dependencies.

SQL Aggregate Functions: SUM(), COUNT(), AVG(), Functions

Using cloud instances, you can easily deploy and manage web applications in any environment. NGINX is another popular web server that is usually pronounced as ‘Engine X’. Developed by Igor Sysoev in 2004, NGINX quickly became popular.